My name is Bartek (full: Bartłomiej) and I am from Poland and precisely from the city called Gdańsk.

I am some curious and (bit too) ambitious human that happened to dive very deep into software engineering waters. My first dev job started in 2012 and since then I enjoy delivering many challenging projects with many awesome people I met on my way.

My main focus was always building and running software in web/backend/distributed systems/infrastructure areas. Even though I have on-going experience as a global-scale SRE I love development the most: I love building pragmatic, scalable, high quality solutions.

I might have lots of (maybe) unique opinions about engineering I will love to blog/share about like:

  • Define your infra in code. Not in terraform/yaml/jsonnet. (:
  • Why true programmer should be language agnostic.
  • Use proper tool for a job. However golang is proper for most of those. ;>

I am always looking forward to hearing feedback (: I you feel angry that what I say is totally wrong, I would love to hear that. This way we all learn (:

Currently I live London and I am really grateful to work on daily basis with the best engineers in the world in both Improbable and during my open source work in Prometheus ecosystem.

Recently, with Fabian Reinartz, we created Thanos project, which got some popularity as the default choice for scaling Prometheus. That’s why most of the content of my talks and blog posts are about Thanos.

Rest of my time is reserved by my beloved wife & family, volleyball and sometimes cars (:

My Talks

Open Source Projects

Oh my.. this will be long list - in progress (:


Let’s just reuse stuff, shall we? (:

My is CV is available on Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/bwplotka/